Who is Kinja Dixon?

After 14 years of delivering thousands of presentations to clients during his estate sales career, Kinja Dixon made a choice that changed the direction of his life. In early 2013 after receiving the Gold Stevie and American Resort Development awards, he decided to write a manual that documented his approach to communication(Universal Talk Laws). Shortly thereafter, an organization hired him to speak about his customer engagement process; a passion to teach others was ignited; October 12th, 2013, he retired from Wyndham Worldwide Corporation at 34 years old and has dedicated the rest of his life to
serving others ever since.

Dixon has delivered over 700 keynotes/presentations, produced, and performed a one man play in Virginia and New York (Re-Creation Encounter 2016), authored seven more books, written and produced an award-winning short film (The Great Escape 2021) and just started a weekly travel blog (Decadeseries.com 2022).

Dixon's inspiration to create content that motivates others stems from a choice made in 2009 that he considers the start of his life's re-creation; the journey of transforming from a competitive, over 300-pound, self-proclaimed functional alcoholic at 30 years old into a 178 pound, completely sober, daily mediating servant to our humanity. As he continues to work on himself, writing, producing visual media, and captivating audiences will be an ongoing part of his life.